Design Type: Branding.

The Oath was a species deployed by the sun to rid the darkness found on earth. Amongst the Oath was Chroma. Many of the Oath stated she resembled a god-like entity; she was a spectacle and embodied everything the light is. She glowed with hope, encouragement, kindness, and compassion.

The goal of this project was to diversify my portfolio and challenge myself to design a product for women. CHROMA is a women's cosmetic line rooted in storytelling. Throughout the brand, pieces of the story are revealed. The intention is for these women—my audience—to see themselves within Chroma and channel their light outward.

The Industry’s Problem.

Cosmetic brands within the industry often create products that don’t resonate with consumer wants. The gateway for a new brand to gain loyal customers is to make products that align with the customers' ethics. Through research, I’ve found unclear packaging with hidden or questionable materials and ingredients.


Different ethnicities have been overlooked when it comes to their complexion, thus making it difficult to find a shade that speaks to everyone. Also, women 40+ are often ignored in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Women 40+ are now steering away from plastic surgery, looking for a more natural look.


Many brands lack innovation, not just around products but also around marketing and other elements, such as campaigns, packaging, and in-store brand installations.

CHROMA’S Objective.

Transparency and sustainability – Clear labeling, easy-to-read ingredients, and our stance on our ethics will be one of our

top priorities.


Inclusion – Our customers are one of a kind, so we offer an extensive amount of shades to include all ethnicities to match their unique complexion. CHROMA’S demographic starts at 25, but the 40+

demographic is very important to us. A third of Instagram’s audience is over the age of 35, and the second largest demographic on Facebook is over the age of 55.


Innovation – Creating and being innovative is at the forefront of who we are. We are taking a new route to building brand awareness and brand connection based on a fictional story. By doing this, we will gain customer investment.

My Process.


My research started with going to several stores and observing the makeup aisle and what was on the shelves before me. If there happened to be a person there, I would try to spark a conversation on what they like or dislike about makeup products in general. Based on the conversations and my observations, I gathered a general direction for where I wanted to take CHROMA.

Refine &Testing.

I gave a brief description of what I wanted to accomplish to my target consumer, then pitched a handful of concepts and sketches that I believed would resonate with my audience. After gathering their information, it was clear that my direction resonated with their wants and needs.


Moving from the Refine & Testing phase, the direction was chosen. A few words of consideration that my target wanted to see out of this product was to be innovative and create something new and different.

Brand Identity

Product Shots

Social Media

Magazine Cover

The Brand.

Process Overview.

The purity of color is important in the cosmetic industry, so I wanted the name to encapsulate the individuality found in each color and transcend it throughout the rest of the brand. As I studied the lore of Ancient Egypt, I was heavily inspired by the Egyptian hieroglyphs. I found ways to include key attributes of Egyptian visuals within the wordmark such as the stroke weights of the delicate hairlines. The intention of CHROMA is to captivate the audience and take them into a realm of storytelling to enhance emotional investment. When I created CHROMA, it was important to portray the brand as exotic, resilient, and uplifting – just like the target.

Branded Elements.

My Learnings.

This project was very challenging for me because I’m not the demographic and do not wear makeup. I typically work on more masculine projects and recognized a consistency in my current portfolio. I wanted to challenge myself in an attempt to diversify my portfolio. Luckily I gained a lot of insight and inspiration through my research which helped guide me when creating this brand. Working with a product for women opened my eyes to their wants and needs from a brand. I learned that the look of a product is not the only important thing, it also has to connect and speak to women’s morals and culture.

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