Dayton Cars + Coffee

Design Type: Branding.

Dayton Cars and Coffee, also known as DCC, is not only a car show but also a community of car enthusiasts that hold their relationships with one another close to their hearts. All elements of this project included a rebrand, a website redesign, social media planning, and content development.


Art Director

This project carried through two different courses, the branding class and UI/UX class. I was a student in the branding class and served the role as an art director because my design work was selected by the client as one of the final directions. In this role, I led the overall design direction for the brand, communicated with other designers, planned the next steps of the process, and work with the UI/UX class to keep the brand consistent.

DCC’s Problem.

After our client meeting, the class dynamic changed and we were one big team. From here each student sketched logo ideas for Dayton Cars and Coffee based on our conversation and then brainstormed with each other on where the brand could go.

Rebrand Objective.

The objective was to design a cohesive brand that represents

DCC’s diverse audience and easily translates to an engaging website design.

The Process.

Client Meeting

Dayton Cars and Coffees current branding was inconsistent and didn't represent DCCs diverse audience. The website struggled to communicate important information in a consistent format.

Divide and Conquer

We took our refined sketches and made them digital, then printed out the logos and put them on the whiteboard. Everyone in the class voted for the three directions. After the votes were in and the instructors convened, the two strongest logos were chosen. Then the class split into two groups to begin expanding the branding.

The Pitch

The two teams concepted different branding directions and created a presentation to show the client.


The client decided on a branding direction, and the class came back together to make the final revisions and put together a brand guideline booklet for the UI/UX class.

The Brand.

Process Overview.

We met for client meetings to understand the brand as well as the clients wants and needs. The client made it clear that what made DCC so special was the peoples authenticity, passion, and connection, and the rebrand needed to convey that. From these wants and needs, we were able to design a modern logo, solid brand guidelines, event signage, and new merchandise that everyone could resonate with.


Logo Design

This logo was built with the future of DCC in mind. When developing this mark, it was a focus to make sure it was calculated and mathematically correct, much like the construction of cars past and present. Inspiration was pulled from car tread and wheel wells. The goal was to create an identity that set the standard for the future of Dayton Cars and Coffee.

Website Design

Although I was not a student in the UI/UX class, I did work closely with the students that were to help keep the website design consistent with the established brand. I sat in on client meetings and collaborated with designers in the class. The UI/UX class approached this project with the four-phase strategy “Discover, Define, Design, Deliver’’ to complete the website design.

Branded Elements.

My Learnings.

This project taught me the role of an art director and how to lead a group of designers. I learned how to effectively communicate with others, present in client meetings, and designate roles to my teammates. I also learned the process of completing a rebrand from start to finish.

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