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The Experience: Build It. Own It.

National Student Advertising Competition–Adobe.

The National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) is a college advertising competition that allows students to learn about the advertising campaign process by actually creating one for a real client. Each team that participates receives a brief from the competitions client that outlines their goals and expectations of the campaign. The students on each team act as an agency by conducting research about the client to understand problem areas and their competitors, developing a strategic marketing plan based on their findings, and then pitching their campaign to a panel of professionals in advertising.


Adobe was the 2020 NSAC client wanting to raise awareness for their adtech solution – the Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising. This was the first time NSAC had presented a B2B Marketing Campaign. Adobe provided each team with a 36-page creative brief with their brand guidelines, target personas, competitive landscape, and more.

Creative Director

I led the overall design direction for the campaign, worked alongside and communicated with other designers, helped keep the process moving on time, oversaw the structure and content of the plans book, and created visual advertisements.

Adobe’s Adtech Problem.

Adobe spent years developing a brand that people trust. They are a well-known leader in the creative industry, but not many people know that they also provide tools outside of their creative products. Adobe needed to extend its perception as a trustworthy industry leader to the Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising.

Campaign Objective.

The objective of the campaign was to increase advertising business by 25% by raising 2% unaided awareness for Adobes adtech leadership position, become top 3 for share of voice for earned media, get 50,000 visits to and Advertising Cloud, and get 10,000 new decision-maker and practitioner contacts from enterprise accounts with a $1 million ad spend per year. 

Four Phase Strategy.

Campaign Breakdown.

After extensive research, surveys, focus groups, and brainstorming sessions, my team and I created a multidimensional, interactive, four-phase campaign. By dividing the campaign into phases, we were able to highlight key benefits of the program with personalized messaging toward each

target persona. 


The campaign starts by building anticipation, creating earned media, and starting the personas on their Adobe awareness journey. Phase I will target all personas while phases II—IV will target specific personas to deliver the messaging of that specific phase most effectively. Each phase will end with an exclusive content offer featuring brand advocates who have successfully used Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising. The campaign will end at Adobe Summit where the Adobe brand advocates will hold a breakfast Q&A about the Experience Cloud for Advertising along with other fun and informational experiences. The goal of the phases is to generate leads and encourage viewers to continue their interaction through the next phases.

Phase I: “We’ve Been Building Something’’

Phase I kicks off the first month of the campaign by building anticipation with Weve Been Building Something’’ messaging and stark white visuals — a contrast to their usual style. The messaging will then reveal the name The Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising and bold, bright colors with a city takeover in Boston surrounding the MarTech conference. The messaging of this phase will target all personas. 

Phase III: “Build It’’

Phase III messaging becomes more industry-specific to gain attention from decision-makers and evaluators/practitioners. Advertisements within this phase will focus on showing the client how they can build with Adobe and also build for themselves. The messaging in this phase will reinforce the customization of Adobes adtech solution to meet the needs of every unique customer. 

Phase II: “The Experience’’

Phase II continues to use colorful visuals with messaging that highlights the experiences people have using Adobe as well as the experiences they can provide to their clients. This phase will have omnichannel marketing but rely heavily on digital and print ads to continue viewer engagement through the holiday season. This phase's messaging will continue to target all personas.

Phase IV: “Own It’’

Phase IV messaging highlights Adobes transparency as an independent adtech provider that gives each client freedom within their business. More specifically, this phase will target all personas to emphasize that Adobe clients have full data ownership. This phase ends at the Adobe Summit where all personas will engage with the entire campaign messaging The Experience: Build It. Own It.’’

My Learnings.

This project was a roller coaster. Switching from an in-person leadership role to strictly online due to Covid-19 taught me how important email, Slack, and other messaging apps are. Being in a leadership position also taught me how valuable each person is to the team. I also learned to have a lot of empathy and patience while working on a big team. Each person has a strength, and in order to produce the best work, everyone’s voices and skills are needed.

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