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Piston Society.

Design Type: Branding.

The objective of this rebrand was to show how Piston Society would present themselves, expressing and owning the ruggedness that comes with motorcycle culture. Piston Society has only been around since 2016, but the brand was lacking the puncture point into its niche consumer. This rebrand was focused on nostalgia. By embracing Piston Society’s heritage and capturing the essence of the motorcycle culture, the updated look will appeal to the target audience and the community.

The Brand.

Process Overview.

This logo was built as a nod to the past, given the culture that lives through the cafe racer lifestyle. These bikes are quite British —though their origins were heavily rooted in American culture. Piston Societys audience would connect with a vintage-inspired logo because of the rawness and likability. This rebrand was heavily inspired by the textured times of the mid 20th century. The rebrand is intended for Piston Society to come across as more authentic to their heritage and communicate transparency to the customer base, gaining their loyalty along with starting a core following.

Branded Elements.

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